For over two decades, I have watched the coming and going of a range of hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic styles. Some practitioners stress a "FAST" style of hypnosis that supposedly puts people into a deep state in less than a minute; in other cases, practitioners who are deeply into "New Age" styles of trance-induction might use everything from crystals and pendulums to swirling spirals and ethereal background music.
These often prove to be more of a distraction than an aid to the process. The fact is, hypnosis is NOT "achieved" by the hypnotist...
it is the client who enters a deeply meditative state with the assistance and guidance of the hypnotherapist.

The process to reach a deep enough quiet state to realize some of the more powerful achievements of clinical-level hypnosis is NOT a "60-second quick-fix" induction. The first couple times one enters a hypnotic state generally requires between ten to twenty minutes, with fifteen minutes being about average. Successive sessions become faster as the client learns how to reach the deep state in mere minutes.

All of the processes and solutions and explorations discussed on this website have all been personally performed and verified by myself. Unlike some airy-fairy practitioners who insist on particular religious or cultish "belief systems" to make their transcendent states work, what I do is systematic, repeatable, and available to EVERYONE, irrespective of "belief", cultural leanings or other distractive influences.

SUCCESS HYPNOTHERAPY has developed a form of effective hypnotherapeutic treatment that succeeds essentially 100% of the time. The techniques and practices are world-class, and thus, are now being offered to an international and global clientele.

SUCCESS HYPNOTHERAPY recognizes that internationally successful corporate and sports and entertainment clientele are also human... they, too, can have problems or issues that may be causing pain or difficulties that may not be readily relatable or exposable to their immediate circle of supporters, family or business structure. In cases like this, it is can be more comfortable and reassuring to bring in an effective service practitioner (such as this) from further afield, who has no links to anyone in the client's immediate locale or circle of acquaintances. The confidentiality of our service is absolute and unwavering. Confidentiality is assured via NDCs (Non-Disclosure Contracts) before starting.

SUCCESS HYPNOTHERAPY can be made available on short notice, if no other clientele are currently booked, to travel internationally and work with clients of all standings to assess an issue, work with the client to determine the goal(s), and continue working with the client until the issue has been fully cleared up, erased and proven to be completely removed from the client's life.
This service, by any measure, is neither typical nor average, and neither are the results.
A universe of possibilities and potential is opened to us when we unlock the way to exploring our inner untapped powers and knowledge.
Your sense of exploration, curiosity and visualization can take you to new levels of awareness, opening up understanding and
self-comprehension you did not even realize you possessed. You can have all of this completely proven to yourself.
In your own time. When you are ready. Or as need arises.
Such a service, which can encompass a number of days of onsite attendance (think of a Life Coach who erases problems), is charged for at a rate point commensurate with the high level of undivided attention and solution(s) provided to every client. Additionally, the highest discretion and confidentiality is extended to every client, whether corporate, celebrity, or average citizen. (See note on NDCs, above.)

What Success Hypnotherapy guarantees is that, so long as the client is genuinely interested in reaching a solution and is participating in the process one hundred per cent, the desired solution or achievement WILL be reached. A half-hearted or disinterested pursuit of an objective (such as if SOMEONE ELSE wanted you to quit smoking, not you personally) cannot have results guaranteed, simply because YOU don't really want that goal achieved yet. When you ARE ready, we can help you realize near-miraculous changes, results & improvements in your life!
Sponsored via Success Hypnotherapy:
Well-off clientele can feel good about having worked with Success Hypnotherapy's service (international or regional) that caters to them
personally and on-site at their location. Of all corporate, sports professional or celebrity payment payments received, a percentage is
donated towards one of two client-selected recipient options:
1) a monetary donation to a charity of the client's choice, in their name or anonymously, OR
2) a series of up to 3 hypnosis sessions donated, no charge, to a financially disadvantaged individual needing and seeking help.
                                     (Numbers and amounts vary as a fixed percentage of total client fees received in each case).

                                     W.J.R. Halyn C.Ht. (Certified Hypnotherapist)
                                     Executive Hypnotherapeutic Consultant


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