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W.J.R. Halyn C.Ht.
Executive HT Consultant

East Side, Walker's Rd.
Muskoka, ON
P0B 1M0

3377 Lockhart Rd.
Newcastle, ON
L1B 1L9
Certified Professional Hypnotherapist
Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Special Note:
As stated on this website, as part of our attention to client requests, this hypnotherapeutic service makes "house calls" in addition to our office service.
Often times, the most relaxing and reassuring place for many clients is their own home.

This saves the client a great deal of travel and otherwise lost productive time and effort to reach either our Newcastle location (near Oshawa, ON, Canada), or the Muskoka residence.

In addition to regional "in-house" service and travel, Success Hypnotherapy can also, depending on client needs, travel internationally for intensive development and therapeutic sessions.
(See below)
PLEASE NOTE: Most conditions treatable via hypnotherapy have their worst symptoms cleared up and eliminated within two weeks of beginning an intensive course of hypnosis-assisted treatment. This includes conditions such as quitting smoking, curing shyness, stuttering, anxiety, stage fright, stress issues, mood stabilization, memory issues, insomnia, blocked creativity, and related issues. Results are entirely dependent upon a client's acceptance of the therapeutic modality, comfort with the relaxed hypnotic state, openness to dramatic imrovements and changes to their lifestyle, and innate desire to succeed.
Over 95% of clients can achieve these rapid and transformative results within two weeks. In the extremely rare case a client is not able to achieve these results, they are informed as soon as this becomes apparent, and we work with the client to assist in seeking other alternatives that may be more effective for their needs, thereby helping save time and money in pursuit of appropriate and time-efficient treatment.
= Transnational and international travel treatment requests typically require a minimum 72 hours' lead time for preparation; however, our "urgent" service (48 hours or
        less to onsite) requires a premium of $1,200 for first activation.
= Fees are comprised of standard daily international travel per-diem rates plus accommodation and return travel costs.
= International and transprovincial clientele should typically expect a concentrated daily schedule of one to two sessions daily, to a usual series of from 6 to 14 sessions,
        depending on treatment dynamics, and are requested to anticipate accordingly. Usually clients will experience a complete resolution of issues in 3 to 12 days,
        depending on several factors: interest, focus, imaginative creativity, etc.
        Maximum effectiveness is achieved in concentrated time, versus extending such work indeterminately.
= International and transprovincial client requests require a minimum 48 hours' lead notification for travel, first visit. Fees comprise standard daily international travel
        per-diem rates plus accommodation and return travel costs. Receptiveness to hypnotherapeutic processes varies by individual.
= Clients should be aware that because of the rapid change that is effected with hypnotherapy, it is not necessary to see the therapist over and over for prolonged
        periods of time (such as where traditional psychiatry can take several years to have effective results for the client). By compressing the treatment time into a short,
        intensive period, months and years of ordinary therapeutic work by usual means can be avoided, and corresponding time and expense sidestepped.
        The final take-away is that your life and health are back on track in dramatically less time; back living the dream, living YOUR life again.
Notes of Importance:
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