Still smoking? Yeah, it's hard to quit. That pull, that subtle but undeniable "yank" on your nervous system every hour or so, needing to be fed.... it's a pain.

It's like you have some distant master who has you on a lo-o-ong leash, and every time THEY yank that leash, you have to throw them some money; buy another cigarette. Smoke. Give more money. Repeat. Somewhere out there, a rich fatcat has encouraged and enabled you to become addicted to tobacco, and now for the rest of your somewhat shortened life, you'll be throwing them money. Do you like being under someone else's control? Dancing every time they yank that "addiction chain"?

Same for being overweight... the food industry has been "tuning" sugar and fat levels in foods for over 40 years, to tweak tastes and desires into their most addictive states. Yet we know that the actual health values of much of these foods is seriously deficient or lacking altogether. Have you seen the documentary "Supersize Me"?

Like all addictions, we believe we "can quit whenever we want to". But deep down, you know the nicotine and other toxins in cigarettes, and the sugars and fats and additives in processed foods, override your own sensory controls and force you to NOT want to quit. It's not YOU deciding any more..... it's the toxins!

The good news is that Hypnotherapy quickly and intensively cuts out those "hooks" that unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices have programmed into you. Your cravings are redirected towards healthier choices... you will WANT the good stuff, and the toxic stuff will no longer appear desirable; it will seem dead and uninteresting to you. Your new healthier choices will be even more delicious and attractive than anything you ever wanted before. With hypnotherapy, your entire internal choice system is "re-programmed", with your full knowledge and consent, to find that the old bad stuff actually tastes bad, even to the point of making you feel nauseous, while the healthier choices become irresistibly delicious. It's now YOU having made the choices, not some chemist working in an addictions-modification factory!

Your new life -- longer, healthier and fully under YOUR control -- can start tomorrow. Let Hypnotherapy make your new vigorous, active and dynamic lifestyle inevitable! Your loved ones are counting on you. The sooner you start, the sooner your life gets better!