In most sports, speed and agility count. But usually mostly speed. What if you could move faster?
More importantly, what if everyone around you seemed to be moving 20% SLOWER? Could you win then?
Temporal Deceleration (Personal Time Acceleration Perception) has been shown to be achievable for most people.
                                                            Would you use it wisely?
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Sports and exercise are one of our greatest resources to maintain fitness.
And when we play competitively, a whole new set of factors arise: our pride in winning, our exasperation or disappointment with not winning, the enduring effort needed to be exercised and trained into shape to be able to compete effectively.

Surprisingly often, people result to tricks, drugs, steroids, and other illegal or quasi-legal resources to help keep themselves in condition to compete in their sport of choice. Usually, and eventually, they are caught by ever-more-sophisticated drug testing procedures and systems. The shame and humiliation is powerful and often career-ending.

Those wanting to pursue a sport professionally sometimes forget the well-known "outlier" examples of people who have made extraordinary accomplishments, strength- or speed- or power-wise: the mother who suddenly and unexpectedly lifts the back end of a car off of her trapped child, the person who accomplishes surprising speed and endurance when chased by a wild animal, a car accident victim who kept themselves alive and unhurt when their perceptual system and reflexes accelerated to preternatural speed during the actual crash. In other words, virtually ALL of us have the capability to unpredictably but effectively become "super-heroes", without drugs or special training. The question becomes, then, for those who compete in sports, "How can I turn on such powerful and accelerative qualities when I need them?"

For years, I have used hypnotherapy to help clients accelerate their thinking and perceptual abilities (giving them the impression that time has "slowed down" around them), so your competitors seem to be moving slower, and the client has a reactive speed advantage. (In tennis, greater swing accuracy can also result!) I've also given them the techniques to "pour on the power" in races as the finish line nears, enabling a magnification of their energy and endurance to accelerate past the remaining competitors during the crucial moments of a race. Or, critical-moment strength can be ignited and boosted to incredible levels.

And all of this can be accomplished WITHOUT drugs or other external physical aids. The power you need is already inside you: hypnosis can let you access it, control it, and amplify it. Power yourself up. Now.
  Local and regional clientele can typically expect a series of twice- or thrice-weekly sessions for two to three weeks to fully develop capabilities.
        Some clients achieve full realization in fewer sessions.
  International and transprovincial clientele should typically expect a concentrated daily schedule of one to two sessions daily, to a usual
        series of from 6 to 14 sessions, depending on treatment dynamics, and are requested to anticipate accordingly.
        Maximum effectiveness is achieved in concentrated time, versus extending this work indeterminately.

  International and transprovincial client requests require a minimum 48 hours' lead notification for travel, first visit. Fees are comprised of
        standard daily international travel per-diem rates plus accommodation and return travel costs.
        Receptiveness to hypnotherapeutic techniques varies by individual.