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There have been tens of thousands of documented cases world-wide of some fascinating aspects of what human intellect and intuition have accomplished, when properly accessed. These have been recorded in numerous clinical-level and clinical-quality texts, references and casebooks, complete with evidentiary material, sources and bibliographies.

Just as, over the years, hundreds of old wives' tales, superstitions, and ancient fundamentalist teachings have continued to be replaced by facts, clear information and scientific progress, so too have some of the poorly comprehended facets of human consciousness and awareness become better understood and appreciated in light of thousands of documented case histories of exploration into human experience.

The materials collected in this series (and listed herein) are of the more esoteric and interesting aspects of what can be achieved with the human mind assisted by hypnotherapy's ability to bring awareness to amazingly powerful concentrations of focus and attention.

All of the materials discussed below have been personally verified as possible by myself... an original skeptic, logical thinker, objective observer and former hospital ambulance medical worker (EMT, several decades ago). I have little inclination to entertain what some might call airy-fairy new-agey claims of superstitious origin, especially when immersed in the cauldron of colliding religious beliefs that utterly fail simple logic and the "consensual reality" test.... which states that whatever discoveries are propounded, they must be repeatable, documentable, and able to be experienced by anyone open to exploring their possibilities. Everything stated within this site is the reporting of experiences and abilities that anyone can acquire and participate in and explore.

The concepts outlined below qualify across all of the above criteria. Creative, intelligent people have been able to utilize these possibilities to their advantage... not only just to satisfy their own curiosity, but to learn, grow and expand their horizons.
Many have been able to use what they have learned to make dramatic and positive life changes that uplifted the rest of their lives!

You are free to consider them as befit your personal inclinations. Select your interest(s) from the buttons above!

Future-Time Exploration
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