WHAT IS HYPNOTHERAPY? - - - Hypnotherapy is simply hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes.

That said, the curious then ask "What is Hypnosis"? Many people think it is some form of esoteric magical practice, or something only achievable after years of practice. In fact, we all enter light hypnotic states several times every day. If you've ever read a good book and got lost in the visualizations, that was a form of hypnosis. Any time a mental process overtakes our physical system and makes it think something else is happening, that is also a form of hypnosis. Movies (a mere light show of sound and narrative) have us in a hypnotic-like state every time we sense a character's danger and respond with held breath, racing heartbeat and feelings of tension or joy.

A good hypnotist is not hypnotizing you..... they are guiding you as you enter a state of hypnosis. You remain fully in control of your own faculties, too. Many people believe you are "surrendering control" to the hypnotist, when in fact, you enter a state of relaxed mental clarity that has you feeling even more in control of your total state of awareness... a very heightened state of awareness. The hypnotic process moves along with your acceptance and approval at every step of the way.

And hypnosis itself allows you to bypass all the biases and preconditioning that has built up in your mind over the years, and reach your true center of awareness, the part of you that is integrated with your interpretation of reality, and how you and your body and mind react to those perceptions of reality. It allows you to change the reality that is your current life, and make adjustments to create a new, brighter future for yourself, with new choices and options. Bad habits and memories can be negated; new actions and dreams can replace them.

The changes are powerful, and as permanent, as you wish them to be. You are always in control. And at the end of every session, you feel marvellously relaxed and peaceful, refreshed and ready to face the rest of your day with new insights and abilities.

W.J.R. Halyn -- C.Ht. - Certified Hypnotherapist - - (Canada)
Executive Hypnotherapeutic Consultant

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