Executive-level issues are a difficult situation to be in. Things such as embedded fear of failure (or, sometimes an unresolved fear of success!), fear of flying, claustrophobia (as can happen in elevators, small jets or some social situations), and similar things can all have an impact on how well the owner or CEO of an organization is able to lead.
Looking tense, uncomfortable or ready to faint or be sick does not contribute to a leader's image of strength and courage.

And who can the leader of an organization turn to for help when ready to face down career-hindering issues?
The boss? Nope... YOU are the boss. Subordinates? The ones grooming themselves for YOUR job? Hardly.
And if you think the Board of Directors would find it easier to help solve your issues than simply replace you, you are probably overly optimistic in that view.

Interestingly, several studies have found that in general, women tend to deal with executive level stresses better than men. Their willingness to evaluate pros and cons of a situation more carefully before deciding (versus most executives who feel a snap judgement must always be immediate and correct) usually results in better decisions, with less internal turmoil.

In any case, when stressors occur, the best person you can request help from is often someone NOT a part of your organization, someone with no vested interest in how a company is proceeding, someone whose only interest is ensuring YOU are getting the assistance and advice you need to self-optimize and conquer whatever hinders you, in conplete confidence and contractually-assured non-discosure security.
This is where the services of Success Hypnotherapy can be the most beneficial to your needs.
(People wrote to Ann Landers for very similar reasons, for many years... she was impartial, had no knowledge of your personal situation, she provided an outlet for your concerns, and generally offered good advice.... in anonymity.)

Success Hypnotherapy seeks out the sources of obstacles in your life or situation and quickly removes them. You aren't left contemplating "exercises to practice" or "meditations to repeat as required"... the phobia or anxiety or related stressors are unearthed, dealt with and removed. This leaves you free to get on with your life from a far more successful standpoint, feeling free of fear, guilt or other useless impediments.

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