For too many years now, the “best way” for students to pass exams and get good marks so they can attend better universities and acquire better jobs, has been to spend long periods of time “studying” the old-style way – reading and re-reading and reading AGAIN their books, notes, handouts, etc.
It is boring, repetitive and often anguishing trying to memorize huge amounts of information. And then for the exams, students intensively “cram” the night before, attempting again to make sure they have committed to memory as much useful information as possible.

And yet, most of us know of at least one or two students who never seem to cram or spend
endless hours memorizing reams of dry, repetitive material. It seems to flow easily for them.
These students have learned, sometimes by accident, some relatively simple ways to be
able to memorize copious amounts of information and pass their tests easily.

For over two decades I have studied, researched, modified and developed effective systems
for memorizing information.
Imagine a short period of tutoring that enables students (or anyone!) to quickly
“learn how to learn” to remember tons of information.
The HAL (Hyper-Accelerative Learning) process is one of these ways!
There are some key concepts that students can absorb and learn quickly, and several techniques that will successfully activate their own amazing memory skills they may not even have believed they had!

For the parent and the student eager to accelerate the student’s marks and grades into “Hyper-Accelerative” mode, the HAL process will give them the knowledge and techniques to raise their grade points virtually immediately, win scholarships, and eventually gain acceptance into the universities of their choice.

Imagine a student with the ability to achieve virtually Limitless Memory. Picture the increase
in their personal confidence and self-esteem. Visualize how they would feel being able to
give flawless and effective, confident speeches and presentations. See in your mind's eye
a child that is no longer held back by weak marks, uncertain abilities, poor memory, lack of
confidence and hesitant speech… envision your child having a computer-like memory,
superior grades, unlimited confidence, able to make assertive, dynamic and effective
presentations and an amazing future!

Imagine yourself with an essentially "Super-Powered" level of memory and recall. Imagine
how it would feel going into tests and exams relaxed and confident, easily answering
all questions, and getting amazingly higher marks on every test!

Contact Success Hypnotherapy and inquire today to learn more, and prepare to excel!

Proper and useful "Learning" involves two primary points of activity:
   1) One must REMEMBER what one is studying, and
   2) One must COMPREHEND and understand what they are studying.
Once you can reliably remember and recall subjects of study, and prove that you understand
them correctly, you are said to have learned what you are studying.

WHAT IS LEARNING WITHOUT MEMORY? Without being able to remember what is being
                                                                   studied, nothing has been learned.