Local and regional clientele can typically expect a series of twice- or thrice-weekly sessions for two to five weeks to fully realize full
        healing potential from the process involved. Some clients achieve full realization in fewer sessions.
  International and transprovincial clientele should typically expect a concentrated daily schedule of two to three sessions daily, to a usual
        series of from 7 to 16 sessions, depending on treatment dynamics, and are requested to anticipate accordingly.
        Maximum effectiveness is achieved in concentrated time, versus extending this work indeterminately.

  International and transprovincial client requests require a minimum 48 hours' lead notification for travel, first visit. Fees are comprised of
        standard daily international travel per-diem rates plus accommodation and return travel costs.
        Receptiveness to hypnotherapeutic techniques varies by individual.

The treatment of a large number of First Responders (police, EMTs, firemen, rescuers, etc.) has recently and repeatedly been in the news for the shameful ways many of their supervisors and/or upper management personnel have ridiculed or belittled them for admitting that they may need some help or counselling for damage inflicted by PTSD and related symptoms of extreme job-related stress.

A shocking number of these courageous first responders, finally weakening under the load of mockery and derision they have been repeatedly and horrendously inflicted upon by their management superiors, have reached a state of depression in which they see no exit, no relief, no "light at the end of the tunnel". As a result, these people, so hurt and damaged by the ignorance and lack of compassion by those who should have sought help and treatment for them, have ended their own lives.

This has brought tragic consequences to their families, their loved ones, and all those left behind. The pain from depressive PTSD can be so intense and so extreme that, even with full knowledge of the heartbreak they will leave behind, the suicidal person is hurting so badly and has become so numbed to all other considerations, that ending their own life seems to be the only solution to a profound pain that goes deeper than everything else, than others can understand.

DON'T LET THIS CONTINUE!! If you know someone who is suffering any level of PTSD or otherwise suicidal inclinations, even yourself, please consider letting hypnotherapy provide a working solution to the stresses that PTSD and depression may have inflicted. Success Hypnotherapy works to immediately apply a three-level treatment process to the sufferer:
  1) To immediately "firewall" the worst feelings and impulses of PTSD depression away from the client.
  2) To quickly neutralize, disarm and dissolve the impact of memories and stressors affecting the client.
  3) To effectively integrate the experiences and events leading to the current crisis into a holistic context
       that strengthens the client’s comprehension of those events and experiences to date and psychologically
       “inoculate” them from future occurrences that may stress them, helping prevent further chances of
       drastic and irrecoverable actions.

In short, Hypnotherapy can help immediately prevent severe or desperate actions by a severely depressed person, and then work to bring a more balanced world view back to that person that reduces or eliminates the worst effects of the trauma they have experienced to date.

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While some medications can "overlay" the effects of PTSD while the medications are being taken, they do nothing to root out and erase the causes (memories, reflexive reactions, triggers) of it. Techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement & Desensitization Reprocessing) can do a lot more, as they involve actually going into the sources of the PTSD and finding ways to negate the effects they are currently having on the sufferer.

Hypnotherapy uses elements of these techniques to acquire access to the root sources in the sufferer's mind, and to completely understand the basis of its events, without stressing the client to any greater degree. Then, hypnotherapy takes the process further by unlocking the effects, reducing their influence and power to nothing, and giving the client's mind a completely new understanding of what has happened, so that they can continue living with greater security and happiness in life. The stress, pain and tension of the original experience is then discarded.

The client has not just "moved beyond" what has happened to them, but they have ERASED the effects of the PTSD, erased the power it had over them, and removed the memory's weight and validity. The experience becomes reprocessed as simply another event, one of many, integrated as part of one's normal life experience.

Long-term effects of untreated PTSD can seriously harm people. Hypnotherapy can bring a healthy balance back to life.
Start treatment as early as possible for a happier life. A balanced, integrated life is possible again with hypnotherapy.