The reasons given for experiencing eating disorders are varied. There are dozens of styles of treatment for every specific expression of every type of disorder. Most of these take months, and sometimes years, before the patient is finally cured and relieved of symptoms. If you, or someone you know, is currently undergoing treatment for such a condition, hypnotherapy can accelerate the process by up to a factor of 100. It works with what is working, and goes right to the core of what has been keeping the process held up, and erases it, permanently. So, instead of taking a couple years to achieve a cure, a week or two of intensive sessions will effect the same result.

Conversely, if the situation is not full-blown, but in its early phases, hypnotherapy can swiftly and effectively close in on the causative agents for the problem. It can then identify the cause(s) and and completely erase them. It will also relieve the sufferer of the habits that helped maintain or reinforce the problem, and supplant them with healthier replacements.

Much of the issues surrounding eating disorders also involve self-perception, and how that may have become distorted. Hypnotherapy rapidly helps re-align self-perception with a less isocentric point of view and increasing one's own macrocentric, or all-encompassing, point of view.

It then explores the reasons why and how the original distorted self-perception occurred, and heals that too, taking a holistic approach to helping you change.

The healing involved is a process of going back through all of the steps that brought the client to the current point. Rather than simply "applying a bigger bandage" (as can occur when only medications are used to treat symptoms instead of removing a root cause), hypnotherapy locates every aspect of the root causes and heals them.

If you feel that nutritional normalcy is paramount in your life, hypnotherapy can help make it real!