If you, or a close relative of yours, suffer from stuttering or other form of non-physiological speech impairment, you are intimately familiar with the discomfort, and even anguish, simple communication can create. The pauses, the stuttering, the taut facial expressions, the pain, distress and uneasiness of the speaker, and the discomfort of the listener, all combine into a daily and repetitive situtation of intense stress... for ALL concerned.

Stutterers are conflicted with a range of excessive emotions: shame or embarrassment, severe introversion, shyness, and tendencies to not participate in many of the fun things that others are enjoying. They often want nothing more than to be able to communicate clearly and effortlessly, be on a stage to impart their views, to relate to others without their words making a staccato, chattering interference to the message they really want to convey. But the stuttering interferes.... continuously, painfully, and relentlessly.

(I know this well, as I suffered from severe stuttering for over ten years, from childhood into young adulthood. It was hypnosis that cured this symptom, erased the effects, and let me "take center stage" of my life again!)

In less than two weeks, a program of abreactive and highly focussed hypnotherapeutic work can eliminate the negative effects of speech impediments. It will reduce the speech difficulties to virtually nothing.
It will identify and remove the original causes of the
speaking difficulties. It will free your natural ability
to communicate with energy, excitement and depth.

If you can visualize an exciting new life
free from the chains of speech impediments,
hypnotherapy can make it real!