As a business owner, executive, employer, or entrepreneur, every day you know that projecting a confident and powerful persona is critical to the success of your business and career. Looking lost, hesitant or even stammering during a speech can make you appear less in control, less commanding and lacking in authority. Perception counts for everything when everyone is looking at YOU!

Occasionally, events completely beyond our control can leave us not so much less confident, but playing a little more hesitantly where before we would have forged confidently ahead with things. And sometimes, if not rectified and integrated, these small hesitations and pauses can accumulate, and our demeanour begins to change, ever so slightly, unnoticeably, day after day.
We may not even see it right away in ourselves, but those around us, those who are relying on us to provide guidance and an example on how to achieve the greater dream, can begin to notice the changes, the hesitations, and interpret these as signs of a less-than-confident leader.

Leaders cannot afford to have the underpinnings of their creativity and strength foundering and fading. The corporate world is rife with histories of leaders who compensated in unhealthy and counterproductive ways for shifts and changes in their personal confidence and abilities to lead. An entire corporation's image can pivot on the public's perception of its leader: compare in detail the differences and histories of Apple and Blackberry.

So, when you need to feel totally authoritative, confident and in complete control even in the worst of "pressure cooker" situations (corporate, academic, entertainment, sports, etc.), hypnotherapy re-aligns your inner sense of self-esteem, confidence, and power into an assertive, self-assured presentation that restores to you a commanding and charismatic personal image. It takes the knowledge you have confidence in and amplifies it, and seeks out the sources of weakness and hesitancy and erases them, leaving you feeling stronger, more evenly-balanced and influential.
This treatment has also been shown to radically enhance personal charisma in ways that are visible and highly effective, especially to those who regularly sell or make presentations.

Hypnosis makes the authentic dreams real. Practice makes them perfect.